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IKEA Hövåg


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Last updated: 11.05.2021 5.5 Min.

The IKEA Hövåg mattress is a pocket spring mattress.

With integrated springs, it is designed to adapt to the contours of the body and create a balanced and restful sleep experience.

The IKEA Hövåg mattress falls into the lower price range and is quite inexpensive in comparison to other mattresses.

That said, there are alternative mattresses that we would recommend over the IKEA Hövåg, mattresses that not only offer a better sleeping comfort and more support but that also impress with quality customer service.

We'll give you the full review on the IKEA Hövåg mattress below but we highly suggest that you check out our alternative mattresses instead.

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  • Good elasticity due to its integrated springs.
  • Firm enough to support even heavier-weight sleepers.
  • Very good breathability
  • 90-day trial period
  • Exceptionally low price


  • Made of low-quality polyether foam
  • The mattress cover is not removable and machine-washable
  • Very firm and does not provide adequate pressure relief
  • Delivery costs extra
  • Trial period is not risk-free as it only allows you to exchange a product
  • Not comparable to other lower-priced and higher-quality mattresses like the Eve Lighter Hybrid

Recommended alternatives

Even though the IKEA Hövåg is available at an exceptionally low price, it simply cannot compare with the higher-quality models available.

While these are often more expensive, we have selected the best high-quality mattresses available at the lowest prices as alternatives to IKEA Hövåg mattress.

These offer you superior comfort, support, stability, and customer service.

We highly recommend that you choose one of these models instead. After all, you'd expect to keep your mattress for the next ten years. Make sure that it is the best you can find.

IKEA Hövåg composition

The IKEA Hövåg mattress is a pocket spring mattress that has been combined with extra foam elements.

This means that it consists of both steel springs (sewn into small pockets) and a layer of foam surrounding the springs.

This provides extra protection for the built-in springs.

The mattress has a rather low spring density of 190 springs/m² but the outer foam layer provides a softer feel to the mattress overall.

Unfortunately, the foam elements of the Hövåg are made of low-quality polyether foam (PUR foam).

This is immediately evident when you look at the foam and its density, which is quite low at 28 kg/m3.

Polyether is a very firm foam that is usually used as a base layer, providing stability and making the mattress more durable.

High-quality mattresses combine this base foam with other types of foam, like Visco, cold foam, or latex, to provide for a more comfortable sleeping sensation.

This is not the case with the IKEA Hövåg.


IKEA Hoevag composition

IKEA Hoevag without cover

IKEA Hövåg mattress cover

The cover of the IKEA Hövåg is dark grey on the sides and white on the surface.

It is made exclusively of cotton and polyester.

The manufacturer states that the cover is not washable, a quality we’re not fans of due to hygienic reasons.

This also doesn’t make this mattress ideal for those suffering from allergies.

IKEA recommends cleaning the mattress with furniture shampoo.

This is much more complicated than simply popping the cover into the washing machine, as is the norm with many other mattresses.

IKEA Hoevag mattress cover

IKEA Hoevag mattress

IKEA Hoevag mattress handle

IKEA Hövåg firmness

The IKEA Hövåg is available in two different firmness levels: medium-firm and firm.

We would rate the mattresses at 5 and 7 out of 10 respectively on our Sleep Hero firmness scale.

The mattress is indeed very firm and does not provide for much sinkage - the body lies firmly on the surface and doesn’t sink into the mattress.

One of the reasons for this is because the upper layer of the mattress is made of polyether foam, which is usually reserved for the firmer base layers.

Due to its firmness, the mattress does not provide adequate pressure relief and lying down on it can be somewhat uncomfortable and cause pressure points, especially if you’re lying down on your side.

IKEA Hoevag firmness

Ikea Firm Hoevag

Preferred sleeping positions

If you like sleeping on your side, then you should definitely look for a slightly softer mattress that adapts better to the contours of your body. This is necessary for your spine to remain in healthy alignment.

We would recommend the Emma Original mattress instead.

If you like sleeping on your back or stomach, then the IKEA Hövåg does offer sufficient stability and support to keep your spine well-aligned.

That said, comfort-wise, the IKEA Hövåg simply doesn't compare to higher-quality mattresses such as the Eve Original, Eve Premium Hybrid, or the Emma One.

Positive attributes of IKEA Hövåg

Some positive features of the IKEA Hövåg:

  • It does have very good elasticity due to its integrated springs.
  • It is firm enough to support even heavier-weight sleepers.
  • The mattress also has very good breathability. As a spring mattress, it is a good choice for people who sweat heavily or prefer a cooler sleeping climate.

Medium-firm IKEA Hövåg

The medium-firm version of the IKEA Hövåg has similar features, though it does allow for better sinkage when sleeping on the side.

This makes this version of the mattress much more comfortable.

However, heavier-weight sleepers may prefer the firmer version and perceive the medium-firm version as too soft.


Ikea Hoevag mattress

ikea hoevag

Delivery & customer service

We bought the IKEA Hövåg directly from the store.

Mattresses come rolled up in plastic with carrying handles. This technically makes it easier to transport, though it can still be quite cumbersome, especially if you're relying on public transport.

You can also purchase IKEA mattresses online and have the mattress delivered within 5 - 7 business days.

You have to pay extra for the delivery but it is well worth it, considering you’re avoiding the hassle of transporting the mattress yourself.

IKEA mattresses come standard with a 90-day trial period.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange your mattress for a different one.

This is not quite on par with the trial periods of other mattresses sold online.

Other manufacturers offer you trial periods from 100 days and allow you to return your product for a full refund if you're not satisfied.

All IKEA mattresses come with a 25-year guarantee.


Overview of prices

The number one reason for wanting to purchase the IKEA Hövåg is its exceptionally low price.

Prices differ according to the mattress size but all are well under £500.

IKEA offers standard UK mattress sizes and standard European sizes, both of which are available in the IKEA online store and via Amazon.


Overall, our experience with the IKEA Hövåg was average.

It is a very firm mattress.

We slept comfortably on our backs and on our stomachs but the mattress definitely felt too firm when sleeping on the side.

That said, that mattress can be comfortably used by heavier-weight sleepers who may find other mattresses too soft.

IKEA offers a 90-day trial period but this is valid for exchanges only.

Delivery and returns of IKEA mattresses are also much more cumbersome than with other high-quality mattresses sold online and you can expect to pay extra.

The IKEA Hövåg is also available at an exceptionally low price.

However, the mattress simply cannot compete with other higher-quality and slightly more expensive mattresses.

We would highly recommend that you consider one of the alternative mattresses we've suggested instead.

Some of these may be more expensive but they offer incomparable quality and much friendlier user experience.

Our top alternative recommendations would be the Eve Lighter Hybrid and the Emma Original.

Not very high quality


Rather firm. Not recommended for side sleepers

New mattress smell
New mattress smell



Great breathability

Motion transfer & support
Motion transfer & support


Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Delivery costs extra

Value for money
Value for money

Average product but not very expensive


Not very high quality


Rather firm. Not recommended for side sleepers

New mattress smell
New mattress smell



Great breathability

Motion transfer & support
Motion transfer & support


Delivery & returns
Delivery & returns

Delivery costs extra

Value for money
Value for money

Average product but not very expensive

Contact IKEA UK

Customer service: To contact IKEA UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please call them on 0203 645 0000, visit their live online chat, or seek out the help of their customer service robot. The IKEA Customer Support Centre is available Monday - Saturday from 7 am - 8 pm, and Sundays from 7 am - 7 pm.

Registered office: IKEA United Kingdom - 7th Floor, 100 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1FH

Frequently asked questions

  • About the manufacturer

    The Swedish furniture giant surely needs no introduction.

    Established in 1943 by billionaire business magnate Ingvar Kamprad, the idea behind IKEA was to offer a selection of furniture and household products suitable for the mass market and affordable for everyone.

    Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, IKEA attached great importance to attractive design

    In the beginning, Kamprad only sold single products. The first IKEA catalogue was published in 1952.

    Today, this giant company has a total of 433 stores in 52 countries, employs around 155,00 people, and has an annual turnover of around £33 billion.

  • IKEA mattress range

    As a leading furniture manufacturer, it is no surprise that IKEA also features numerous mattresses. 

    Anyone who has ever visited an IKEA store knows that it can be a real retail jungle and you have to wander around the entire store. Only a small area of the store is allocated to the mattresses.

    Luckily, you can now also order IKEA mattresses online for at-home delivery (delivery costs not included). 

    IKEA now offers around thirty mattress models: foam mattresses, spring mattresses, children's mattresses, latex mattresses, and mattresses for babies. 

    The IKE mattresses have numerous attractive features, including their low prices, 25-year guarantee, 90-day trial period, and great financing options.

    We've considered all the different IKEA mattresses in detail in our IKEA mattress comparison

  • 90-day love it or exchange it policy

    Even though IKEA offers a standard 365-day returns period, this only applies to products that can be returned in a new, unused, and re-saleable condition, with the original packaging.

    Mattresses fall under a 90-day love it or exchange it returns policy. IKEA only offers an exchange or a credit note. So be prepared to spend the price of the mattress, even if you don't end up keeping it.

    Returning the mattress is not easy either. IKEA return conditions can be tricky and you will have to cover the cost of the return.

    This is a pity as most other manufacturers cover the cost of delivery and return and will refund your mattress in full.

  • 25-year guarantee

    While we recommend replacing your mattress every 10 years, it is worth noting that IKEA offers a fantastic 25-year guarantee.

    This protects you from any manufacturing faults or unnatural damage to your mattress that is not a result of misuse.

    The terms & conditions of the IKEA 25-year guarantee and the relevant care instructions can be found in their guarantee brochures.

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