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Purple Mattress Review

Harry Hext

Last updated: 07.09.2021 5 Min.

A new mattress brand is gaining worldwide interest from a number of sleepers and experts looking for the next best innovation.

By winning the J.D Power customer satisfaction award two years in a row, these mattresses are clearly popular🏅

Purple mattresses come with serious scientific research and development, and are gaining enormous popularity in the US 🇺🇸

We'll tell you all there is to know about Purple, why you need this mattress, and where you’ll be able to buy them in the UK soon! 🇬🇧

Purple Mattress
  • Overview
  • Innovation
  • Rocket Science
  • What next for Purple
  • Can I get Purple in the UK?
  • The best Purple alternatives
  • Customer support

The brand of innovation

Many brands have come and added something new to the mattress industry. From the impeccable quality of Emma to the hybrid construction of Simba, each brand has their own positives that make people enjoy their sleep that much better.

For Purple, they have taken that innovation one step further, to completely change how a mattress is constructed.

In the US, it has quickly become one of the best mattresses because of the hyper-elastic polymer (super stretchy material) of the grid.

The Purple grid

Purple has created a grid that sits in the middle of their mattresses. This grid is made of incredibly flexible, breathable gel that adapts to the pressure points of your body, and the grid comes in the signature colour of the brand: purple.

It provides the best of both softness and firmness. So not only will your back be supported, but you will sleep easier too 😴

Not only does this signature purple grid feature in each of the 4 mattresses that Purple now offers, but in their pillows and cushions too, so you can make your entire home pressure free.

The Purple mattress

Purple has also begun offering different heights in their Purple grid, ranging from 2” to 4” depending on product.

Whilst each of the products offers something different, the products are all made of premium materials designed to give you the best nights sleep.

To support the purple technology, Purple use support foam in their original mattress, and coils in the hybrid versions.

Many reviewers in the US have already talked about how their aches have diminished over the period they’ve been testing the mattress.

Check out this video review featuring rapper T-Pain trying out the purple mattress 😆

It is rocket science 🚀

It’s clear this mattress is different to the other competitors out there, truly innovating and showing that sleep doesn’t have to be either firm or soft.

Now, a mattress can be both.

Whilst it makes it hard to judge on a firmness scale, the Purple mattress reviews from the US suggest the mattress is of both excellent softness and firm support.

Purple mattress layers

Tony Pearce, a rocket scientist from the US, created the Purple concept 🚀

His brother Terry helped him, and together they launched a brand creating high-quality wheelchairs and sporting goods with the objective of helping people 🙆

Since 1989, they have spent their time researching the hyper-elastic polymers.

These have been featured in hundreds of products across the world from hospital beds to children's toys.

That’s over thirty years of experience in creating products that put comfort first.

This experience in polymers lead to the brothers forming the groundwork for Purple. The mattress would be pressure free, science based and cost-effective.

The technology that the brothers were working on already massively helped towards this goal, and by 2016, Purple’s mission was ready for the public 🟣

Making something new

Since then, the Purple mattress has been garnering massive affection from consumers and experts, and the range of Purple products is only going to continue to grow.

Instead of an all foam mattress which retains body heat and doesn't work well for all sleeping positions, the comfort grid ensures medium firm support and Purple offers a very durable product.

While we're unsure of the motion transfer capabilities of the mattresses, we imagine this hyper elastic gel to be fantastic for those who share a bed.

And because of the grid making up the width of the mattress, you won't need to worry about a lack of edge support.

Because of this material, we believe it should have excellent motion isolation.

Sleepers of all positions have provided good feedback, so regardless of you being a side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, this is a great mattress to consider.

With enhanced airflow, and a lack of heat retention, the purple grid is a fantastic alternative to any other mattress material currently out there, good for back pain, and remaining truly comfortable.

Based on this research, Purple may be one of the best competitors to the hybrid mattress in the UK.

The future is Purple

This is a mattress brand unlike any other. Not just for their approach to the technology but the way they market their product and the good intentions of the company to create the most comfortable experience for its customers.

The original purple mattress has gained recognition for its signature purple grid. Not only that, its fantastic pressure relief is a major selling point, and the comfort grid provides this.

The next steps

Purple has plans to sustain its growth in the sleep product market for the future, adding to its range of mattresses that already includes a hybrid version.

With the Purple hybrid coming out, providing customers with dual purple and spring comfort, the brand is future-proofing itself, staying up to date with trends in the industry.

They have also released a luxury Purple hybrid premier mattress, designed with excellent air channels, and a leading comfort layer for the best night's sleep.

Mattress sizes are currently only available in US sizing, going up to California king-size, UK sizing is unknown

Purple has since provided their customer base with the purple bed: a bed frame which features the signature Purple quality.

The Purple pillow also aims to bring that innovative grid comfort to the pillow, and features a cooling layer for optimal sleeping temperatures, so you can always stay cool.

Is Purple available in the UK?

As Purple is an American brand, you probably want to know if you can get a Purple mattress here in the UK or not.

As of right now, Purple have no plans to bring their innovative product across the pond ✈️

That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, however, Purple are constantly working to expand their mattress range and with it their shipping destinations. It currently covers most of the US and Canada, and as a young mattress company, can only grow so quickly.

We personally cannot wait to review the Purple mattress to learn what the pressure-less purple grid can do for us!

The Purple alternatives

Although we can't wait for Purple to be available in the UK, there are other fantastic mattresses that are available right now.

Memory foam is still an immensely strong competitor in the mattress market and is ideal for those looking for mattresses that can withstand pressure.

If you're interested in finding out more about innovative materials, find out about Hybrid mattresses and our recommendations.

What to buy instead of Purple

As of right now, you can't get Purple in the UK.

So we have put together a shortlist of our top 3 mattresses that will last you until Purple hits our shores!

1. The Simba Hybrid

As far as innovation goes, Simba Sleep have been one of the leaders in the UK and EU for some time now. Their combinations of memory foam, latex and pocket spring mattresses and accessories make for some of the most comfortable, and interesting mattresses around right now.

We love Simba for their cooling cold foam and foam that hugs so perfectly. The middle of this mattress is one of the closest things you'll get to that Purple grid!

2. Emma Original Hybrid

Similarly, the UK's most awarded mattress has been presenting interesting mattresses for a while too. Their Hybrid version of the best-selling Emma Original has made waves as an innovation on the outstanding original.

While it is eyewatering levels of expensive, and very heavy, mixing the signature memory foam with other high-quality materials specifically designed for aiding sleep and comfort is exceptional, and makes for a science experiment of a mattress you need to try.

3. Tempur mattresses

The celebrity and athlete endorsed Tempur is hard not to recommend to someone looking for comfort. Whilst you will be spending a lot, there is a great deal of customisation and bespoke qualities that make the Tempur range worth considering. Although they rely heavily on memory foam and not other materials, those who like this comfort will consider Tempur their go-to mattress for many years to come.

Being one of the more longer-lasting mattresses on the market because of its fantastic quality materials, this investment is one that will pay off and keep you satisfied until the Purple arrives.

Purple customer service and support

Buying from any mattress brand, you want to feel supported as you make your purchase.

Good sleep is so important to all of us, and you need to trust your brand that you buy from. Purple has really worked to make their brand approachable through marketing and a genuine interest in making people comfy.

All Purple mattresses feature a 100-sleep trial. That means you get 100 nights to try the mattress and decide if it is for you.

After this period, you will still have the Purple 10-year warranty, covering you from damages to the mattress and any visual wear.

A good trial period is essential for buying any mattress online, as you need to see if it provides the right sleep for you and that the mattress feel is correct.

There is no mattress protector included with Purple, even if the cover is made of a premium cover for breathability and durability.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy Purple on Amazon?

    Purple mattresses are available on Amazon US, international shipping may be an option- although very expensive!

  • What size mattress is the Purple?

    Purple come in a range of US sizes, from single and double up to California King, we cannot give you accurate UK sizing at this time.

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