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Best Cheap Mattresses UK (2021)


Last updated: 07.09.2021 3 Min.

What should a good mattress cost? What's the price of a good night's sleep? How much would you spend on a mattress with a long lifespan? What if your budget is lower than what's available? And are comparably affordable mattresses any good?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this article. The information below has been tailored for bargain hunters. You don't necessarily need to break the bank for a good quality mattress. There are numerous cheaper mattresses that still provide the necessary support and comfort required for a good night's rest.

One of the essential factors to consider when buying a cheaper mattress is that it still needs to support your spine - and so doesn't cause back and neck pain.

Best Cheap Mattresses
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Tips to choosing a high-quality affordable mattress

There are a number of affordable mattresses available on the market. So what should you consider when making your choice?

1. Suitable for all: Everyone expects something specific from their mattress. A good mattress should suit everyone’s needs, sleeping positions, and personal preferences.

2. Affordable: Mattresses can be affordable - but you should never compromise on your well-being. Consider factors such as the quality of the material used, the estimated lifespan of the mattress, and the sleeping environment if offers.

3. Risk-free trial period: Although most mattresses should be suitable for everyone, they may not be right for you. We believe that all customers should be able to try out a mattress for a few days/weeks at home and then make a final decision.

4. Available online: In our opinion, mattresses being available for purchase online is a great advantage. Mattresses will arrive sooner and (usually) free of charge - and they're delivered straight to your front door. The struggle of transporting a mattress from a store to your home is completely avoided.

Details to consider

What to expect from the mattress

With a variety of expensive luxury mattresses available on the market, customers tend to overlook the lower-priced ones. However, a good mattress doesn't need to break the bank.

When looking at cheaper mattresses, though, it is necessary to assess the quality of that mattress. High density and elasticity of a mattress ensure adaptability and comfort. Customer reviews of the product in question should always be considered.

How expensive is expensive?

It is understandable why you may not want to pay a hefty price for your mattress. But instead of necessarily looking for a cheap mattress, you should try to find a good mattress at the best price. Your budget should not compromise a good night's sleep.

Ultimately, though, if you can afford a more expensive - and higher quality - mattress, then you should consider spending more. After all, you will be sleeping on it every day.

What does the manufacturer offer?

Finding a cheap mattress may be one thing, but a manufacturer should not be taking your money from elsewhere to make up for a profit loss. Online availability and free home delivery are some of the services a manufacturer should provide. This ensures customer satisfaction.

Some manufacturers even offer a free trial period, which, in turn, ensures a risk-free purchase. If after the trial period you don't think that the mattress suits you perfectly, the manufacturer should arrange to pick up the mattress again, free of charge, and provide you with a full refund.

Can super cheap mattresses be any good?

Some mattresses may be available for under £200 or even £100 (for a standard UK single size). However, when purchasing such mattresses, customers should bear in mind that such a low price often means that the product is of low quality and made from substandard materials.

How much should a good cheap mattress cost?

It is fairly safe to say that most mattresses in the £300 and up price range are decent. But it is not possible to suggest a specific minimum price for a good mattress. The price of the product is the only hint you may have regarding the quality of the mattress. As mentioned earlier, the higher-quality mattresses often come at a higher price.

Conclusion: Saving too much is never a good idea

Most mattresses available at penny-pinching prices are not worth the money. A restful sleep, as well as the customer’s general health, should be carefully considered when opting for a mattress. That said, high-quality mattresses need not be overly expensive.


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