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Tempur mattresses

The complete guide to Tempur mattresses- 2021

Harry Hext

Last updated: 23.07.2021 13.5 Min.

Tempur is a brand name associated with the highest quality products.

Their range of mattresses have won many awards and have endorsement from celebrities across the world 🏆

A very special, NASA approved Visco memory foam makes the Tempur mattresses so well-loved 🧑‍🚀

However, with this reputation comes an incredibly high price tag.

We've put the Tempur collection to the test to see if they are worth this reputation and exceptional price point 💸

Read our review below to get to know the Tempur mattress range👇

Key features of the Tempur mattresses

10-Year Guarantee
10-year guarantee
Free Delivery & Returns
Free delivery and returns
  • Overview
  • The mattresses
  • Things to know about Tempur
  • Tempur history
  • Suitability
  • Comfort and firmness
  • Other products
  • Tempur discounts
  • Delivery & customer service
  • Is the Tempur mattress collection for you?
  • Contact
  • Alternatives


  • A premium mattress in every sense

  • Innovative visco-elastic memory foam

  • Adapts very well to the body

  • Free shipping and returns

  • Very comfortable

  • Attractive design

  • 100-day trial period

  • Many payment options


  • Tempur mattresses are very, very expensive

  • Large choice and many options can be confusing

  • Special lengths can take 6-8 weeks to deliver

  • Some people find sleeping on Visco mattresses too warm

Tempur Mattress: The bottom line

  • An incredibly expensive brand

  • Memory foam hugging feeling across the mattress range

  • A type of mattress to suit all sleeping needs

  • Confusing purchasing process

Tempur's range of mattresses

Finding the right mattress for you is always tough, and despite being a luxury brand, Tempur doesn't make the process any easier.

Choosing the wrong mattress can negatively affect the quality of sleep. This makes choosing the right mattress incredibly important.

The right mattress depends on several factors.

Height, body weight, and unique body characteristics and preferences and requirements all play a role in selecting the perfect mattress.

With Tempur's various options, you're going to need to understand what each of them does and why you might need them.

Choosing the wrong mattress for your body can cause many issues 🤕

Tempur offers four basic models:

  • Tempur Original 🚀

  • Tempur Hybrid👽

  • Tempur Cloud ☁️

  • Tempur Sensation🌟

Within these models, there are three further subcategories we mentioned earlier:

  • Supreme: the standard Tempur, 21 cm deep with no durabase tech

  • Elite: 25 cm deep with Durabase tech, and a QuickRefresh cover

  • Luxe: ultimate luxury, 30 cm deep with QuickRefresh and additional Durabase layers

We understand this is a confusing way to select your mattress, so we will try to make it as simple as possible.

The individual models differ from each other concerning composition and mattress feel.

We'll give you an overview of each of the Tempur mattresses to help you make the best decision 👇

Tempur Original mattress 🚀

The Tempur Original is the standard Tempur mattress.

It provides a firm and supportive feeling, and is the firmest mattress of the entire range 🧱

In addition, it is highly adaptable and offers outstanding comfort.

Tempur original mattress

The Original mattresses use the special original NASA Tempur material 👩‍🚀

With a top layer of memory foam, the mattress feels comfortable to lie on.

But the underlying foam layers also offer sufficient stability, so the body is well-supported.

Like all Tempur mattresses, the Tempur Original has three subgroups: Luxe, Elite, and Supreme.

The covers of all Tempur Original mattresses feature CoolTouch technology, which keeps the fabric of the cover fresh and dry.

The prices below are based on the single 90 x 190 cm mattresses.

Tempur Original Luxe Tempur Original Elite Tempur Original Supreme
  • 5 cm Tempur Comfort Material
  • 9 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 8 cm Durabase Technology
  • 8 cm Durabase Technology
  • 3 cm Tempur Comfort Material
  • 9 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 6.5 cm Durabase Technology
  • 6.5 cm Durabase Technology
  • 2 cm Tempur Comfort Material
  • 8 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 11 cm Durabase Technology
Cover Quick refresh cover with CoolTouch technology Quick refresh cover with CoolTouch technology CoolTouch technology
Firmness Firm Firm Firm
Price £2,149 £1,729 £1,575


Differences between the Tempur Original mattresses are noticeable in terms of depth and composition.

Tempur mattress original zipper

With a thickness of 30 cm, the Original Luxe is a more premium version.

We often recommend high mattresses for older people with joint and back pain or hip problems as this makes it easier for them to get in and out of bed.

These distinctions between the Supreme, Elite, and Luxe versions apply to all Tempur mattresses.

Tempur Hybrid mattress 👽

Tempur Hybrid mattresses combine the high-quality Tempur memory foam with built-in springs, which offer added elasticity and stability.

This hybrid composition is helpful for people who miss the springy resilience of a normal foam mattress. Spring mattresses also often have better temperature control.

Tempur hybrid mattress

People often sleep more warmly on memory foam since it stores more body heat 🔥

Because the Hybrid mattress provides medium to firm support, slightly heavier people might prefer the dynamic adaptability of this mattress.

Combining the unique Tempur material and Precision MicroCoils (dimensionally stable springs made of cold-formed steel) this mattress offers optimal support.

Tempur hybrid bed

This support makes turning and moving around on the mattress easier, which some people find cumbersome on pure memory foam mattresses.

It makes it a great mattress for those who sleep with a partner because of great motion isolation.

For this reason, Hybrid mattresses are suitable for restless sleepers for whom a pure foam mattress would be less than ideal.

The prices below are based on the single 90 x 190 cm mattresses.

Tempur Hybrid Luxe Tempur Hybrid Elite Tempur Hybrid Supreme
  • 4 cm Advanced Tempur material
  • 3 cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 10 cm Precision MicroCoils
  • 10 cm Precision MicroCoils
  • 3 cm Durabase Technology
  • 4 cm Advanced Tempur Material
  • 8 cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 10 cm Precision MicroCoils
  • 3 cm Durabase Technology
  • 3 cm Advanced Tempur Material
  • 5 cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 10 cm Precision MicroCoils
  • 3 cm Durabase Technology
Cover Quick refresh cover with CoolTouch technology Quick refresh cover with CoolTouch technology CoolTouch Technology
Firmness Medium Medium Medium
Price £2,149 £1,729 £1,575


Tempur Cloud mattress ☁️

Those who prefer a softer mattress will enjoy the Tempur Cloud.

As the name suggests, this collection aims to feel like sleeping on a cloud.

Tempur cloud mattresses

The extra-soft material adapts well to the body and also offers a pleasantly comfortable material to lie on.

It is a medium soft sleeping experience on the much lower end of our firmness scale 🪶

The Tempur Cloud is best suited for lighter- and medium-weight people.

Restless and heavier-weight sleepers should choose a firmer mattress with a little more elasticity (like the Tempur Hybrid).

Although the mattress supports you well (due to the base layers), the softer upper layers allow your body to sink in more deeply.

Tempur cloud

Combining the soft and relieving Tempur foam with a hard-wearing foam provides a pleasantly soft feeling when lying down for lighter-weight people.

Again, the mattresses are divided into the usual price categories.

So the Cloud Luxe is the most expensive and the Cloud Supreme the cheapest mattress 💸

The prices below are based on the single 90 x 190 cm mattresses.

Tempur Cloud Luxe Tempur Cloud Elite Tempur Cloud Supreme
  • 7 cm Tempur Extra-Soft Material
  • 9 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 6,5 cm Durabase Technology
  • 7,5 cm Durabase Technology
  • 7 cm Tempur Extra-Soft Material
  • 7 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 11 cm Durabase Technology
  • 5 cm Tempur Extra-Soft Material
  • 5 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 11 cm Durabase Technology
Cover Quickrefresh cover with CoolTouch Technology Quickrefresh cover with CoolTouch Technology CoolTouch Technology
Firmness Soft Soft Soft
Price £2,149 £1,729 £1,575


Tempur Sensation mattress 🌟

The Tempur Sensation has a medium-firm feel but also offers the sleeper more freedom of movement 🏃

Tempur describes the feeling of lying on the Sensation as "weightless".

Tempur is aware some people struggle to move on memory foam, so they have made it a lot easier on the Sensation.

Tempur sensation mattress

A Dynamic Support Layer complements the pressure-relieving memory foam with a similar function to latex foam. The Tempur Sensation reminds us of the much more affordable Emma mattress.

Again, there are three subcategories within the Sensation collection, Luxe, Elite, and Supreme.

The prices below are based on the single 90 x 190 cm mattresses.

Tempur Sensation Luxe Tempur Sensation Elite Tempur Sensation Supreme
  • 7 cm Tempur Comfort Material
  • 8 cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 7,5 cm Durabase Technology
  • 7,5 cm Durabase Technology
  • 3 cm Tempur Comfort Material
  • 4 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 4 cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 14 cm Durabase Technology
  • 2 cm Tempur Comfort Material
  • 4 cm Tempur Support Material
  • 4 cm Dynamic Support Technology
  • 11 cm Durabase Technology
Cover Quickrefresh cover with CoolTouch Technology Quickrefresh cover with CoolTouch Technology CoolTouch Technology
Firmness Medium Medium Medium
Price £2,149 £1,729 £1,575


The difference to the Tempur Original mattress is not directly visible, but lies in the base layers of the mattress.

Tempur sensation bed

While the Sensation has that extra support layer, the Original mattress is based solely on Durabase technology and support foam.

The Sensation is slightly softer and more flexible, with greater elasticity.

Before you buy from Tempur

Parting with the amount of cash Tempur commands is a huge decision to make.

Before settling on a Tempur mattress, there are a variety of factors to consider 🤔

Primarily, just how much are you looking to spend?

You can easily spend thousands at Tempur if you're not careful ⚠️

There are three options for each of the mattresses Tempur offer.

These are:

  • The supreme

  • The elite

  • The luxe

We will cover what each of these are in much more detail later!

Tempur refer to these options as depths, and there are also a massive 10 sizes on offer, much more than other more affordable mattress brands.

These customisation options are there to add to the luxurious feeling of owning a Tempur mattress.

It tailors the product to you, so that you get exactly the mattress you want.

However, we know first-hand how confusing this can be to a customer 🤷

Because it is not just the three depths that you choose from, but a range of mattress types as well.

Tempur has massively expanded their range from the original mattress that made them so popular

Today, there are 4 different Tempur mattresses to choose from, which each cater to different firmness feelings and needs.

Some are more expensive than others, and just because it costs more, does not make it better.

The mattress you choose to buy has to be right for you, and we will help you choose the right Tempur.

Where to buy a Tempur mattress

Whilst you can go directly to Tempur and order one from their website, there are several different retailers who carry the brand throughout the UK.

These include sleep department store Dreams, Amazon, Argos and John Lewis.

There are plenty of options for retailers, so you should be able to find your Tempur without too much effort!

The science behind Tempur mattresses

Tempur mattresses are known as some of the best mattresses globally and certainly belong in the category of high-end luxury mattresses.

But this high quality comes at a price.

What do Tempur mattresses cost?

Of course, the exact price of Tempur mattresses will depend on the model and size, but prices range from £1,100 - £3,700 🤑

This is a considerable investment to make.

While we believe that investing in an outstanding quality mattress is an investment in a better life, Tempur is certainly on the highest point of anyone budget.

Tempur mattresses are known to last, however. With some Tempur mattresses lasting well over the average decade life span, it is a valuable investment.

The only NASA approved mattress

Tempur mattresses are made of high-quality memory foam that has a lot of history.

The history of memory foam begins back in 1966 when NASA commissioned a material that would be temperature sensitive and resilient.

The aim was to protect astronauts from a high-pressure load during launch 🚀

Tempur realised their space technology could be used by the public as well, as the material hugged the body well 🤗

And so, the brand began working on a mattress that would become Tempurpedic.

Tempur NASA technology

This NASA approved technology is what makes the Tempur so luxurious.

Tempur developed their idea further, and finally, in 1991, they launched into the mattress market.

Because of their initial use in space missions, the Tempur fabric has many remarkable properties.

Excellent pressure retention, bounce back, and breathability is all in this luxurious mattress.

To this day, Tempur is still the only brand to claim hold of official NASA certification 🏅


Who is a Tempur mattress suitable for?

It's not always easy to tell whether a mattress will be a good fit or not. That said, the below can be used as a guideline to help you make your purchasing decision.

Tempur is most suitable for ⬇️

People with back or neck pain

The high-quality Tempur material adapts well to the body's contours and reduced pressure points in the hips, shoulders, and neck.

This promotes optimal spinal alignment and ensures that the back remains healthy, natural, and relieving and prevents back pain.


The memory foam has a very high density and very low motion transfer, meaning that you won't be disturbed by your partner moving at night.

This makes it a great mattress for couples.

People who easily feel cold at night

Memory foam absorbs body heat much more than conventional foams, so if you are a cold sleeper, than memory foam is one of the best ways to stay warm all through the night.

People looking for a premium mattress

It doesn't get any more premium than Tempur. However, that has its price, of course, which is why you should well consider any purchase from the brand.

Tempur is not suitable for ⬇️

People who enjoy the comfort of a spring mattress

The slightly bouncy feel of a spring mattress is quite different from how a Tempur mattress feels.

If you really like the feel of a spring mattress, then Tempur is probably not the right choice for you.

However, the Tempur Hybrid could be a compromise.

Those who want a mattress for a short time

Tempur products are very durable and have been designed to be used for about ten years.

The value of the mattress lies in this long-term investment.

If you're only looking for a short-term mattress, then investing in a Tempur isn't for you.

People on a budget

By now, you'll have gathered that Tempur mattresses are very expensive.

While you should never go for a very cheap mattress, you can buy high-quality mattresses at reasonable prices 🙆

You'll also find great promotions on our discounts page.

Comfort and firmness of Tempur mattresses

Tempur does not classify firmness like other mattress brands would.

Firmness and the feeling of sleeping on it vary between the different models.

The resulting differences in comfort are better for some sleep types and worse for others.

Tempur states the firmness of the different mattresses in its online shop as follows:

Mattress Feeling
Original Firm
Hybrid Medium
Cloud Soft
Sensation Medium

With this in mind, you can use this as a guideline:

  • If you like firm mattresses, the Tempur Original is the best choice for you.

Ultimately, the firmness of a mattress depends on multiple factors.

These include the density of the foams used, the depth of the foam layers, and the quality of the foam types.

Whilst each mattress is different, you can expect all of them to provide a soft comforting sleep.


Problems with the Tempur mattress

Many people over the years have had complaints about the comfort of the Tempur mattresses, complaints which are not unwarranted.

Because of the range in firmness of these mattresses, buying the wrong one for your body is common.

Our backs tend to hurt after sleeping when the mattress doesn't support us correctly, or the surface is too firm (or soft).

The other reason for persistent back pain is your memory foam degrading over time 📉

Tempur's immense quality protects against that as the mattresses should last for several years longer than average.

Tempur on average, far exceed the regular 7 year life span of most mattresses

Whilst no mattress is going to be perfect, Tempur's issues mainly come down to personal preference, and not how the products are designed and constructed.

What else does Tempur offer?

Tempur offers several other products in addition to mattresses. So you could theoretically furnish your entire bedroom with Tempur if you have the money!


Tempur beds

Tempur offers various beds, all of which are customisable in terms of headboards, bed frames, height, colour, and material. So basically, you can configure your bed to suit your wishes.

Tempur Bedstead

Tempur Adjustable Bed

Tempur Ottoman Bed

Tempur Divan Bed

Tempur pillows

You can choose from the following pillows:

  • Tempur Classic Pillows: Classic rectangular-shaped pillow with pressure-relieving comfort you can fluff and puff to your liking. The Comfort Pillow Original, Comfort Pillow Cloud, and the Tempur Traditional Pillow are three versions available.
  • Tempur Ergonomic Pillow: The Tempur Original Pillow is an ergonomic pillow that has been designed for maximum support and comfort to relieve pressure in the head, neck and shoulders.
  • Tempur Shaped Pillows: The Ombracio Pillow is star-shaped and designed for stomach sleepers, while the Symphony pillow is a dual-sided pillow designed for back sleepers and side sleepers.

Some of the pillows are available in one size only, while others have different models, finishes, and sizes.

You can also order original pillowcases that fit Tempur pillows and can be machine-washed at 60°C.

Tempur Classic Pillow

Tempur Ombracio Pillow

Tempur ergonomic pillow

Tempur sleep accessories 😴

Tempur has a lot of other products dedicated to getting you the best nights sleep.

These include the Tempur mattress toppers, which add an extra layer of comfort to any mattress, and the Tempur mattress protectors, which offer protection for your mattress.

Tempur quilts

Tempur mattress topper

Tempur mattress protector

Travel sleep accessories ✈️

Experience Tempur on the go with their travel sleep range. If you need a sleep mask or a neck pillow for those long plane journey's, Tempur has the products for you.

Offering a whole Tempur travel set (including a roll-up travel topper and ergonomic mini pillow in a bag) is provided so that you can get the Tempur experience away from home.

Tempur transit pillow

Tempur Sleep Mask

Tempur coupons & discounts

We understand that you will want to find the best deal on Tempur products.

Unfortunately, there are no discount codes or coupons on offer at this time.

We would recommend checking out our discounts page where we list all available discounts on sleep products!

Also, keep an eye out for sales at Tempur retailers 👀

Big events like Amazon Prime day are great for finding deals on expensive products 💸

Other retailers like Dreams also have frequent sales throughout the year to check on.

Delivery & customer service

Since Tempur is such an expensive brand, you can be sure to expect free shipping and exceptional customer service. Trial periods, shipping rates and dedicated customer support are all on offer with the brand.

Here is a summary of our experience.

In case of queries ❓

Tempur offers various channels that you can reach them on. In our experience, their customer service is outstanding, and they were always able to answer any questions quickly and sufficiently.

You can reach Tempur via their electronic submission form, but you can also contact them via phone☎️, post ✉️, or e-mail. 📧

The relevant details are available on the Tempur contact page.

Guarantee 🔒

All Tempur mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee, which is in line with other manufacturers.

The warranty covers physical defects or changes. However, issues relating to changes in firmness caused by liquids (including sweat) or due to heat build-up are excluded.

You must keep your sales receipt as you would need it for any issues covered by the warranty.

We also recommend that you take a look at the full warranty conditions.

Delivery 🚚

Tempur mattresses are shipped free of charge. This would be expected, considering the price of Tempur.

If you order beds, mattresses, slatted frames, or toppers with a width of 140 cm or more, Tempur will also dispose of your old mattress free of charge. This can be requested during the order process under shipping options or via e-mail to customer support.

Delivery time is dependent on the product ordered.

Pillows, duvets, accessories, and topper 3.5s will be shipped to your home within 1-2 business days.

Tempur will send larger items such as mattresses, slatted frames, beds and toppers to you within 14 - 28 business days.

Made-to-order bed bases and headboards can take 6-12 weeks.

Returns ♻️

The purchase of a Tempur mattress is expensive but also completely risk-free.

The manufacturer offers you a 100-day trial period on select mattresses and toppers, as well as a 30-day trial period for full-sized pillows.

During this period, you can test the mattress under natural conditions in your home and see if it is suitable for your needs. If you don't like it, you can have the manufacturer pick it up again. Tempur Sealy will refund your money you.

The return shipment is free of charge.

Is the Tempur mattress collection for you?

Tempur mattresses are high-quality premium mattresses but they are also extremely expensive. As with many things, you are paying for the brand.

Tempur is definitely a good sleeping option that will provide you with a good and restful night's sleep. If you want to enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort with high-quality materials and are willing to invest a lot of money in a really good mattress, choose Tempur.

Nevertheless, we believe that there are mattresses with a similar structure on which you can sleep just as well. And these are usually much cheaper.

As premium options, we would recommend that you consider the Eve Premium or the Eve Premium Hybrid. Also, take a look at the Simba Hybrid as a slightly cheaper alternative.


Contact Tempur

Customer service: To contact Tempur UK directly for complaints, support, or queries, please email them at or call them on 0800 0111 083.

Lines are open Monday to Friday from 10 am - 4 pm. Closed on UK Bank Holidays. Alternatively, you can also choose to contact Tempur via post, addressed to Customer Care via the registered office address listed above.

Please allow 7 days for a response.

Registered office: TEMPUR UK Ltd, TEMPUR House, Caxton Point, Printing House Lane, Hayes, Middlesex UB3 1AP

Our recommended alternatives

Throughout this review, we have come back to how expensive this mattress brand is. So here are a few affordable alternatives to choose from.

We've chosen mattresses that are of premium quality but manage to stay within an affordable price range.

Frequently asked questions

  • How is the Tempur mattress made?

    Tempur's materials and construction are unique to the brand.

    Tempur mattresses are all slightly different in construction but they all consist of two supporting base layers (mostly made of polyether) and two comfort layers (mostly made of Tempura, the high quality, Tempur-branded memory foam).

    Tempur's mattresses are made in Denmark at the Tempur production facility.

  • Is buying a Tempur mattress confusing?

    Buying a mattress should be as straightforward as sleeping on it. 

    Sadly, Tempur has a range of options and products that make purchasing from them very difficult. 

    On top of this, Tempur has developed its own descriptions of its materials, adding further confusion. 

    There's no denying Tempur are incredible mattresses, but the wealth of options makes the purchasing process difficult, not something you enjoy when spending a thousand pounds! 

    Other brands have streamlined their products and offer incredibly well-made mattresses for cheaper.

    For example, the Emma Original, Eve Original, and Nectar mattresses are also fantastic and worth considering! 

  • Is there anything special about the Tempur mattress cover?

    Most Tempur mattresses have identical covers. These are called Quickrefresh covers with CoolTouch technology, which sounds slightly more impressive than it actually is.

    What does Quickrefresh mean?

    Quickrefresh only means that you can easily and quickly remove the cover from the mattress due to an integrated zipper. You can then machine wash it at 60°C. After it has dried, you can put it back on the mattress relatively quickly.

    Only the Luxe and Elite models within the collections feature this Quickrefresh cover. The respective Supreme versions do not have this cover.

    What does CoolTouch mean?

    CoolTouch describes the special fabric structure of the cover. This keeps the mattress cool, regulates temperature, and ensures good heat dissipation.

    This CoolTouch fabric is integrated into every Tempur mattress.

    Unfortunately, Tempur mattresses do not have carrying handles on their covers. This is somewhat impractical for carrying and moving the mattresses.

  • What sizes do Tempur offer?

    Finding the right mattress size can be difficult, and you need to consider both the width and length of the mattress.

    Lengthwise, a mattress should be at least 15 to 20 cm longer than the body. This is the only way to ensure that you'll be able to sleep comfortably without having your feet sticking out at the end of the bed. 

    If you want to be truly comfortable, always go for a wider bed. 

    Tempur mattresses are available in all standard UK mattress sizes, including: 

    Mattresses are also available in certain other sizes, including: 

    • Small single 75 x 200 cm mattresses
    • Long single 90 x 200 cm mattresses
    • Special 120 x 190 cm mattresses
    • Special 120 x 200 cm mattresses
    • Special 135 x 190 cm mattresses
    • Special160 x 200 cm mattress

    The depth of the Tempur mattresses depends on the model, but these will usually range between 21 cm and 30 cm. 

    • Luxe: 30 cm deep
    • Elite: 25 cm deep
    • Supreme: 21 cm deep
  • Are Tempur the best mattresses?

    Whilst a mattress that uses technology approved by NASA is hard not to recommend, Tempur is incredibly expensive. 

    The quality of these mattresses is flawless, along with the customisation options on offer, so it is a great mattress for the customer. 

    But there is no denying that the market has gotten more competitive, and some brands are beating Tempur in terms of comfort and, of course, price. 

  • Is Tempur better than Silent night?

    Both brands have an exceptional reputation within the UK, and both offer a wide range of products dedicated to sleep.

    However, Silent night is far more affordable when compared with Tempur, even if the quality of the mattress is beyond exceptional. 

    It will be determined by your preference and budget as to which mattress brand is best. 

Harry Hext

I love getting a great night's sleep. It's a feeling everyone should get to experience each night! Hopefully, my reviews will help you to sleep easy in no time. 

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