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A mattress topper has different uses.

First of all, you can use it to enhance the feeling of comfort when lying on your mattress and help adapt the mattress to suit your needs. Would you like your bed to feel a little softer? This is easy to achieve with the right mattress topper. A mattress topper can add a soft cuddly feeling, is pleasant to lie on, and can even help to relax your muscles after a long day.

A mattress topper will also allow you to regulate your sleeping temperature. Different toppers offer different solutions, which we will discuss further down in this article.

But be aware that there are some things mattress toppers cannot achieve. You can easily waste money on a mattress topper by assuming it can do things that it can’t. We will clear up any of these misunderstandings and provide some clarity on what mattress toppers can really do and why you might need one.

Mattress Toppers
  • Overview
  • What can a mattress topper be used for?
  • When will a mattress topper help?
  • When will a mattress topper not help?
  • Which mattress topper suits me best?
  • What to look out for when buying a mattress topper
  • Buy mattress toppers at IKEA
  • Our selection of the best mattresses

What can a mattress topper be used for?

A mattress topper can help with: A mattress topper cannot help with:
  • A softer feeling when lying down
  • Increasing the sleeping temperature (depending on the material, e.g. Visco topper)
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Eliminating the annoying gap between two single mattresses in a double bed
  • It cannot revive a sagging mattress
  • It cannot make a too-soft mattress firmer
  • It cannot eliminate back pain (without changing the mattress)
  • It cannot reduce the sleeping temperature of the mattress

When will a mattress topper help?

A mattress topper cannot solve all of your mattress dilemmas and there are certainly some instances when a mattress topper will not help. That said, there are many times when purchasing a mattress topper is the perfect solution to your problems. So if you're wishing for any of the below, then you may just need a mattress topper.

For a softer feeling when lying down

Is your current mattress too firm and you wish you had bought a softer one? If this is the case, then a mattress topper is a great cheaper alternative to a new mattress. Mattress toppers made of Visco, gel foam, or latex can provide you with that softness. Cold foam toppers, on the other hand, are a bit firmer.

For a warmer sleeping climate

Do you easily feel cold, especially in winter? A mattress topper can definitely help. Toppers made of Visco foam and latex will increase your sleeping temperature. Cold foam and gel toppers, on the other hand, are temperature neutral.

To create a seamless transition between two single mattresses

Do you and your partner make use of two single mattresses on a double bed? Then you will be familiar with that annoying gap between the two mattresses. We suggest using a mattress topper over both mattresses to make this gap disappear.

Keep in mind, though, that this works best if both partners have similar body types. Different people need different toppers and different mattresses.

As an alternative, try a bed bridge.

When will a mattress topper not help?

Many people believe that a mattress topper can do more than it actually can. There is quite a bit of misinformation out there, often spread by manufacturers or sales assistants. Often, only a new mattress can help. But when is a topper enough? Our frequently asked questions below aim to answer this.

Can a mattress topper help with back pain?

This is a case of misinformation: A topper cannot help with back pain. A mattress topper is simply not deep enough to change the way you lie on your bed.

Only a new mattress can help here. If you have a good mattress, your spine remains aligned whilst sleeping. This, in turn, reduces or prevents back pain and orthopaedic problems.

A slatted frame can also have an effect here. A broken or damaged slat can render even the best mattress useless.

Does a topper help with a mattress that is too soft?

Unfortunately not. A soft mattress will never become firmer with a firm mattress topper.

Actually, the reverse is true. A mattress topper will make any mattress feel softer. The degree of firmness, though, depends on the material. Visco toppers are the softest and cold foam toppers the firmest. But even a cold foam topper will not make a soft mattress firm.

Can a mattress topper help with a sagging mattress?

Absolutely not. If your mattress is sagging, you need to replace it. A sagging mattress causes your body to be out of alignment, which, in turn, puts excess pressure on your spine. This can lead to back pain. Even the best mattress topper can’t fix the misalignment caused by a sagging mattress.


Can a topper reduce sleeping climate?

The opposite is actually true. Depending on the material, a topper can increase the sleeping temperature. Visco toppers are considered warmer than latex toppers. Toppers made of cold foam, PUR foam, or gel foam are most temperature-neutral due to their open-cell pore structures.

Which mattress topper suits me best?

The best mattress topper for you depends on your individual needs. Each material has certain properties and is, therefore, better suited for certain people than for others. There is no best mattress topper out there, just as there is no best mattress for everyone. However, the most common types of toppers are Visco toppers, cold foam toppers, latex toppers, and gel toppers.

What I want Choose this type of mattress topper
Lie softer Visco topper, gel topper
Warmer sleep Visco topper, cold foam topper
Back muscles should feel relaxed Visco topper, cold foam topper, gel foam topper
More comfort Gel topper, Visco topper
Comfort and temperature should remain the same Cold foam topper

Visco topper

For a soft and warm feeling.

A mattress topper made of Visco foam (also called memory foam) is a very popular variant. A Visco topper provides a pleasantly soft feeling when lying down and adapts perfectly to the body. A Visco topper distributes pressure and so can noticeably relieve surface muscular tension. Visco foam toppers create a warmer temperature and are recommended for frostbite in winter.

Cold foam toppers

Firmer, temperature-neutral and hypoallergenic.

Mattress toppers made of cold foam have an open-cell pore structure. This means they are more breathable than Visco toppers. They are temperature-neutral, but you cannot reduce the sleeping temperature with a cold foam topper.

Mattress toppers made of cold foam are generally firmer than other toppers. Cold foam toppers are also suitable for those suffering from allergies. Both Visco foam and cold foam toppers offer very good body support, although our experience has shown that the pressure distribution with a Visco foam topper is a bit better. The great thing about cold foam toppers is that they dissipate excess heat and moisture.

Latex foam toppers

Point elastic and stable.

A mattress topper made of latex is characterised by its stability and durability. There are different types of latex mattress toppers, such as natural latex or synthetic latex. High-quality latex, like Talalay latex, is characterised by very good point elasticity.

Latex toppers feel soft and comfortable. Similar to Visco toppers, they store body heat and are perfect for those who feel cold easily.

What to look out for when buying a mattress topper

  • Density: The mattress topper’s density indicates the amount of material used during production. The following applies: The higher the density, the more durable the material should be. We recommend a density of at least 50 kg/m³.
  • Degree of firmness: You should choose the firmness of your mattress topper according to body weight and height. Personal needs and preferences are also important. Mattress toppers are available in firmness grades H2, H3, and H4.
  • The right size: This depends on the size of your mattress. Smaller sizes are much cheaper than larger ones. In a double bed, a large topper can be placed over two separate mattresses. Alternatively, try a bed bridge.
  • Hygiene: Everyone should make sure that their bed remains clean. Thus, we recommend buying a mattress topper where you can remove the whole cover with a zipper and wash it at a high temperature.

Buy mattress toppers at IKEA

If you are looking for cheap and high-quality mattress toppers, we recommend looking at the IKEA online shop. Not only do they stock a multitude of different mattresses, but they also offer loads of toppers in different sizes and made from different materials.

IKEA promises that mattress toppers provide better hygiene and can increase the quality of sleep.

Unfortunately, there are shipping costs involved.

Our selection of the best mattresses

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