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UK Black Friday & Cyber Monday mattress deals 2021


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Last updated: 11.05.2021 7.5 Min.

Black Friday is no longer just Black Friday.

You now have the whole Black Friday weekend and the not-to-miss sales of Cyber Monday!

These days provide a once-a-year opportunity to buy the best mattresses, beds, and sleeping accessories at the best prices.

The next Black Friday falls on 26 November 2021, with Cyber Sales continuing for quite some time afterwards!

Our in-depth article, featuring the best mattress brands that are available online, will help you make a best-buy choice for your next Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday specials for 2021 will be added to this article as soon as they are announced.

Our specials round-up will also ensure that you won't miss any of the best deals!

Black Friday Sales
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday mattress deals

You may think that Black Friday is reserved for electronics like Apple, but this certainly isn't the case.

Of course, you're likely to find tons of fantastic Black Friday mattress sales, not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also online.

Of course, you're likely to have come across great deals in stores such as Wayfair, John Lewis, and more.

But the real deal is online.

Dozens of affordable yet luxe brands, including Emma, Eve, Simba, Otty, Tempur, Casper, Silentnight, Sealy, and more offer amazing deals on your mattress purchases.

This is fantastic news as many high-quality mattresses come with a hefty price tag.

That said, a mattress is a long-term investment and it's worth spending the pounds to ensure you get a mattress that makes sleep heavenly.

But why not save a little if you can?

As mattress specialists, we collect the best Black Friday mattress sales for you in one convenient location so you don't have to spend hours trolling the interwebs - and we've shared them all with you here!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is commonly celebrated in the USA and falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November every year.

Thanksgiving began as a holiday of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year and is still one of the most firmly upheld traditions of American culture.

The Friday after Thanksgiving - Black Friday - is considered the start of the family weekend and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Since most Americans use this Friday to start their Christmas shopping, Black Friday generates massive retail sales.

Many stores open early in the morning on Black Friday - usually at 05:00 - and offer special offers (known as the Black Friday Sales).

Sometimes people wait for hours or even days to make sure they can enter the stores to secure their Black Friday discounts. Often, this creates absolute mayhem.

With the advent of online shopping, Cyber Monday was also born.

This is the Monday immediately following the Thanksgiving weekend.

It celebrates the Black Friday sales in the online sphere, giving consumers the chance to do all of their shopping without the inconvenience of having to leave their house.

Here, as well, people wait in online queues to secure their deals.

In order to calm the Black Friday storm, many retailers now offer Black Friday weekend sales, which start on Black Friday and run through till Cyber Monday. This ensures that all consumers can head out to enjoy the amazing discounts without necessarily being restricted to one day only.


Black Friday in the UK

Even though Thanksgiving is an American holiday and Black Friday is an American shopping experience, the rest of the world has begun to follow these traditions in recent years - the UK included.

Even though not widely spread, you'll find some restaurants offering traditional turkey feasts for Thanksgiving Day.

It is also common for families to celebrate this at home in the form of Thanksgiving dinner, especially if they have American influences as is common in London.

What is common, though, is the Black Friday weekend experience.

With sales starting early on Black Friday morning and running through till Cyber Monday, many retailers have hopped on the bandwagon to offer fantastic sales that can really start the Christmas shopping experience in the UK as well.

What should you pay attention to when buying a mattress on Black Friday?

The purchase of a new mattress should be considered carefully.

While it may be easy to get whirled away by the excitement of the amazing discounts and special promotions over the Black Friday weekend, don't forget that a new mattress is an investment.

We would highly suggest that you bookmark your favourite mattresses well before Black Friday and then check back to see what discount they're offering.

Here are a few things to consider if you're planning to buy a mattress on Black Friday.

Cheap isn't always a good choice

The quality of your mattress affects the quality of your sleep. And the quality of your sleep affects the quality of your life.

This suggests that the decision of buying a new mattress should not be taken lightly - and buying a cheap mattress isn't always a good choice.

Instead, familiarise yourself with high-quality mattresses that meet your specific requirements in terms of firmness, your body type, and your preferred sleeping position.

We really enjoy high-quality options like the Emma Original, Emma One, Eve Original, Eve Lighter Hybrid, and the Eve Premium.

Also, check out our mattress reviews for more options.

Find the right degree of firmness

Mattresses come in different degrees of firmness. Some are softer and others are firmer.

There is no right degree of firmness - but there certainly is the right degree of firmness for you!

Choosing the right degree of firmness depends largely on your body size, type, and your favourite position to sleep in.

Different degrees of firmness will be suitable if you like to sleep on your stomach, back, or side.

Many of the mattresses sold online are universal mattresses.

These are medium-firm mattresses that have been specifically designed to suit a wide range of people, body types, and sleeping preferences.

Consider the materials used

Mattresses not only come in a range of shapes and sizes but they are also comprised of a host of different materials.

Different types of materials will have different features and will make them more or less suitable for you.

The most common materials used include:

  • Memory foam: This is an enormously adaptive foam that's great to support your body and offer a soft, cocooning feel. Most luxury mattresses contain memory foam. They are often combined with cooler foams or pocket springs for greater breathability.
  • Springs: Pocket sprung mattresses are more breathable and tend to have a cooler sleeping climate than memory foam mattresses. There are different types of spring mattresses available.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses are a great choice if you don't suffer from a latex allergy. They can be quite expensive though.
  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses usually combine foam with springs, producing a mattress that features the best of both.
  • Cotton or wool: Organic cotton or wool are popular options for organic mattresses.

As with the degree of firmness, there is no right material to choose, though we'd recommend memory foam or hybrid mattresses for superior comfort and support.

Also consider if you're sleeping alone or sharing your bed with a partner.

If you share your bed, you'd need to also pay attention to the motion transfer of the mattress as you wouldn't want to be disturbed by your partner's movement.

Take a look at our mattresses for couples guide.

Pay attention to the trial period

Most mattresses purchased online come with a risk-free trial period.

This can be anything from a 30-day trial to a 365-night trial, depending on the brand purchased.

These elongated night trial periods are great as they give you the chance to really try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home and allow your body to get used to it.

After all, it may take up to three weeks for you to feel comfortable on a new sleeping surface.


Who says that you need to purchase a mattress in isolation?

Many brands, like Nectar, offer you free pillows with any mattress purchase.

You can also check out mattress purchase bundles, that combine the best online mattresses with bedding, duvets, pillows, and more.

Buying for children or babies

If you're expecting, Black Friday can be a great time to plan ahead.

While most children from the age of 6 can sleep on adult mattresses, babies and toddlers will benefit from specially designed mattresses.

We'd recommend the Emma cot mattress or the Eve cot mattress.

Also take a look at our article on mattresses for babies and children to help you in your decision-making process.

emma cot mattress

eve cot mattress with child

eve cot mattress


The trick to finding the perfect mattress online for Black Friday is planning ahead.

Know what you want and come back and get it for the best good night's sleep of your life.

Happy shopping!

A quick note: Make sure that your Black Friday discounts are applied on checkout! Systems do fail, especially during busy times, so just make sure that your coupon codes are working and you get the discount you deserve.

In the meantime

In the meantime, check out the below high-quality mattresses that we can highly recommend.

Also visit our discounts page to see what specials are currently running.

Frequently asked questions

  • When is Black Friday in 2021?

    This year, Black Friday falls on 26 November 2021.

  • What is Black Friday?

    The Friday after Thanksgiving - Black Friday - is considered the start of the family weekend and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Since most Americans use this Friday to start their Christmas shopping, Black Friday generates massive retail sales.

  • Why is it called Black Friday?

    The Friday after Thanksgiving has always been the start of the Christmas shopping season.

    Since most businesses are traditionally able to turn a profit on this day, they could go from being 'in the red' (that is, losing money) to turning a profit, referred to as 'going into the black'.

    Hence, Black Friday.

    As more and more businesses started to notice the trend, they began offering bigger and bigger discounts and Black Friday as we know it now was born. 

  • Does Black Friday last all weekend?

    Traditionally, Black Friday only happened on the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday.

    Nowadays, however, Black Friday sales tend to start early on Friday morning and run over the whole Black Friday weekend, concluding with Cyber Monday on the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend. 

  • What's the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

    Traditionally, Black Friday was reserved for in-store sales, while Cyber Monday was reserved for online sales.

    Nowadays, the two have merged and you're likely to find in-store and online sales all Black Friday weekend.

  • What can I buy on Black Friday?

    Literally anything.

    Dozens of retailers worldwide now offer Black Friday sales, and you'll find everything from food products to electronic equipment at discounted prices.

    Many people reserve their more expensive purchases for Black Friday.

    Of course, mattresses and sleeping accessories fall right into this category, and it's the perfect time to invest in a high-quality mattress at a discounted price

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