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Hunting for a good deal can be time-consuming. That's why we collect all the best deals on mattresses, bedding, and more and share them with you here.

Our team constantly works on securing even better deals. That's why it's worth coming back to us time and time again to check if we've added new special discounts and vouchers.

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This is why buying online makes sense

It's simple: You'll get to view all current mattress offers and vouchers in one place.

Buying a new mattress can be overwhelming. Most people only think about their mattress when their current one is uncomfortable and needs to be replaced. But when it's time for a new mattress, there are some important decisions that need to be made. Which mattress do you need? Would a specialist retailer give you all the information you need or do online comparisons and reviews provide more information? And where can you find great mattress offers and discounts?

We have summarised all the need-to-knows on Sleep Hero. But one thing is certain: If you want to save money, you should definitely apply online discount codes.

Which manufacturers offer great discounts?

Many different manufacturers offer mattress discounts. We're in touch with all of them to bring our readers regular discount codes from a variety of mattress manufacturers.

Of course, when new mattress offers are available, we will let you know right here on our discounts page.

Specialised retailer or online shopping?

Many mattress buyers choose to purchase their new mattress from a specialist retailer. But this has its own pitfalls. Mattress retailers only work with select brands. And many of these brands pay a commission for high sales, so not every salesperson will give impartial advice.

One more problem is actually testing the mattress in-store. Almost every mattress feels comfortable at first - especially when you are exhausted from shopping. So if you do decide to buy a mattress on a whim at a retailer because of a special offer, make sure that there is a reasonable return period. You want to be able to return the mattress problem-free if you're not happy after a few weeks of testing it at home.

Six reasons to buy a mattress online

You won't be able to test a mattress before purchasing online - but you can easily find out what other customers think about the mattress. That said, product reviews are not always reliable. By utilising an independent comparison site - like Sleep Hero - you'll access objective mattress reviews from sleep enthusiasts and can evaluate the comfort and quality of the mattresses before making your purchase.

But buying mattresses online also offers many other advantages:

1. Save time

Comparing mattresses and offers online takes very little time. You decide on the price that suits you and you can then simply buy your mattress from the comfort of your own home - saving yourself the stress of having to visit many mattress retailers.

2. Free delivery to your front door

High-quality mattresses, when bought in-store, can't simply be rolled-up or folded. They take up a lot of space and, sadly, you won't be able to drive your new mattress home with you in your car. Online dealers offer free delivery, which makes logistics so much simpler.

3. Great mattress offers and discounts

Finding great mattress offers and discounts online is simple, and you can access specials from many different dealers and manufacturers. To save you even more time, we at Sleep Hero regularly compile listings of current special offers. So now you can find premium mattresses at the lowest possible prices.

4. Customer-friendly returns

Very often, mattresses bought at a specialised retailer cannot be exchanged. This is different if purchasing from online dealers. Since you cannot test a mattress online, most online dealers offer a wonderful trial period. You can test your new mattress for a few months at home and, if you're not entirely satisfied, you can simply exchange or return it.

5. Free disposal of your old mattress

Furniture shops and specialised retailers offer transport of the new mattress - usually at an extra cost. But removing and disposing of your old mattress when buying a new one can also be difficult. Some online dealers offer free delivery and disposal of old mattresses. This not only saves you time and money but it also makes the online offer more lucrative.

6. Large selection of mattresses in all price ranges

More choice means more comfort. When you browse online for a new mattress, you chose your priorities. Do you suffer from allergies? Do you need an orthopaedic mattress? Are environmentally-friendly production and disposal important? When browsing online, you can filter according to what is important to you and make the best mattress purchasing decision possible.

Comparing is worth it

The Sleep Hero comparisons give you an overview of all current mattress offers - making buying a mattress online even easier. We'll find the specials for you - saving you time and money! We regularly upload the latest offers from well-known manufacturers and online furniture stores. That means that you can treat yourself to a high-quality mattress - even on a small budget.


How helpful are customer reviews when comparing mattresses online?

Although customer reviews should be read with caution, they can still provide valuable information about the advantages and disadvantages of a certain mattress. If you're looking to find out more about comfort and quality, however, it's best to rely on independent comparison sites like Sleep Hero. We'll explain everything you need to know - from customer service to the reliability when delivering and exchanging mattresses.


Which mattress size should I choose?

This is a common question. In addition to choosing the ideal firmness, many customers also find it very difficult to choose the right mattress size.

These are the most common UK mattress sizes:


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