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We've tried and tested dozens of bed-in-a-box mattresses - so that you don't have to! 🥳

Finding a new mattress can be exhausting, but we hope to make this process much easier by giving you all the information you need before buying.

We share our mattress review process below and everything you need to look for when reading online mattress reviews. 👇

Mattress Reviews
Mattress Reviews

Our top mattress review recommendations

We have dozens of mattress reviews for you to check out, but here is a snapshot of some of our favourites:

Why not take a look at the top 5 mattresses that have been thoroughly tested and recommended by our Sleep Hero experts? 👇

How do we decide what mattress to review?

Part of our Sleep Hero mission is to be fully transparent with you, the reader, about our entire reviewing process. 🔓

When we decide whether or not a mattress is worth reviewing, we consider the benefit of reviewing a particular mattress.

We consider the following:

  • Is the mattress popular in the UK market?
  • Does the brand deserve more recognition?
  • Is there anything missing from other mattress reviews that we can shed some light on?
  • Is this a product we would consider buying ourselves?

Most of our mattress reviews are sponsored through partnerships, but that doesn’t change how we review the mattress.

It’s vital that we give a completely unbiased account of our experience.

We’ll discuss that in more depth below. 👇

How do we test for mattress reviews?

So, what kind of process do we undergo during testing? 👀

There’s a lot more to it than just sleeping on the mattress for a couple of months!

Typically we follow a step-by-step process.

1. Delivery & packaging

The first thing we observe is the delivery process and how the product is packaged. 📦

We ask the following:

  • How long does delivery take?
  • How much communication do we get during delivery?
  • Is the mattress delivered to the door or brought into the room?
  • How is the mattress packaged (i.e. in a box or full-size?)
  • What is the packaging made from? (i.e. is it recyclable?)
  • How much packaging is used - is it over/under packaged?
  • Is there anything additional - a thank you note or a free gift?
  • How easy is it to unbox?
  • Does the mattress experience off-gassing?
  • Is there a mattress recycling option for our old mattress?

We use images and videos throughout the unboxing process to give you a clear idea of what to expect. 👌

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress rolled up

Emma Original box

Some readers value the importance of eco-friendly materials in a mattress review, whilst others prioritise a seamless and stress-free delivery process. 😅

Therefore, we try to observe the entire delivery process from every possible angle.

2. Sleeping experience

One of the most crucial parts of our testing is our overall sleeping experience.

However, there’s much more to it than just getting a good ol’ snooze. 😴

We measure:

  • How comfortable and pressure-relieving the mattress feels
  • How firm and supportive the mattress is
  • How suitable the mattress is for different sleeping positions
  • How suitable the mattress is for different weights
  • If it has good temperature regulation throughout the night
  • Whether it has high/low motion transfer

We understand that many of these factors are subjective, so we typically have two people testing the mattress with different personal preferences/requirements. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Person sleeping on Dreamcloud mattress on side

Person sleeping on back on DreamCloud mattress

This allows us to make a fair overall assessment. ⚖️

For example, a heavier-weight back sleeper may find a mattress comfortable and supportive, but it could be too firm for a lighter-weight side sleeper and cause back pain.

3. Convenience and practicality

We understand the importance of purchasing convenient products that make our fast-paced lifestyles a little bit easier. 🏃💨

Therefore, we also assess some practical factors of the mattress.

This includes:

  • Whether the mattress has a removable/washable cover
  • How easy the mattress cover is to wash, dry, and put back on the mattress
  • How to clean the mattress itself
  • Is the mattress turnable/flippable?
  • How heavy is the mattress to move?
  • Does it come with handles that make moving it easier?

When you spend a lot of money on a mattress, you want to take care of it. 🥰

But you also don’t want this to create too much interruption.

So, we consider mattress care for a few months and how easy it is to look after.

Nectar mattress with removable cover

DreamCloud mattress handle

This ensures that even if your mattress passes the initial comfort test, it will also be a product that suits your busy lifestyle. 😅

How do we ensure accurate testing?

Our observations and opinions are backed up by analytical data with a more systematic approach for those who trust in figures. 🧮

We create various tests to give you a better understanding of how well the mattress performs.

So, how do we do that?

Sinking depth tests

One of the tests we measure on the mattress is the sinking depth levels.

You may be wondering, why is this important?

But how much a mattress sinks can determine its support for the body, whether it has edge-to-edge support, and if it is suitable for a particular sleeping position.

We measure the following:

Single area weight distribution

This is how much the mattress sinks when all of your weight is focused on one area. 🏋️‍♀️

As you can see below, we use a tape measure to record how much the mattress sinks in this one area.

Simba Hybrid sinking depth tests

This allows us to make fair comparisons with other mattress brands that we’ve tested.

Sinking depths for sleeping positions

We also measure how much a mattress sinks in different sleep positions. 🤔

Back sleeper on Simba Hybrid mattress

Side sleeper on Simba Hybrid mattress

We record the sinking levels in the pelvic and shoulder regions and add our results to a table in our review.

This helps us understand whether a mattress is suitable for a particular sleeping position. ✔️

Edge-to-edge support

We also analyse how much support the mattress has on the very edge of the mattress. 👇

Sitting on Simba Hybrid mattress

Kneeling on Simba Hybrid mattress

This is important for those that like to sit on the edge of the bed.

A mattress that sinks too much on the edge might not be a suitable option for some.

Motion transfer tests

We also perform various motion transfer tests.

Motion transfer is how much a mattress absorbs the body’s motion during sleep. ⛵

A low motion transfer is ideal, as it prevents you from feeling your partner moving about during sleep.

Instead, you should feel completely still and undisturbed throughout the night.

The motion reader indicates how much the mattress absorbs your motion.

Take a look at the below results for the Simba Hybrid and Emma Original:

Emma motion transfer results

Simba Hybrid motion transfer results

As you can see, the Simba Hybrid is better at absorbing motion, but both results are pretty good with very low motion results. ✔️

A mattress with an acceleration of 4 or more would indicate that this is a high motion transfer mattress and could create a disruptive sleep.

We also analyse motion transfer by seeing how much the glass moves when distributing weight across the other side of the mattress:

As you can see in the video, the glass stays almost completely still, indicating the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has low motion transfer. 🙌

Temperature tests

A mattress feeling too hot at night can be a dealbreaker for many. 🥵

Temperature is a significant concern for memory foam mattresses, known for retaining heat.

We have quite a few memory foam mattress reviews, so it’s important to provide full transparency about the temperature levels of the mattress.

We use a heat map to record body temperature during the night.

Simba Hybrid temperature map

Simba Hybrid Pro temperature map

Based on these results, the Simba Hybrid Pro is slightly cooler than the Simba Hybrid. ❄️

However, it’s important to consider changes in weather temperature, bedding material, and other temperature-related elements that can affect results.

How do we write mattress reviews?

So, we’ve told you about our entire testing process–but how do we compile this data into a mattress review? 🤔

We have a lot of information to provide, but we try to give you all this information without overburdening you with a boring article that sends you to sleep!

Instead, we break our articles down into easy-to-read blocks.

These blocks are typically organised by:

  • Composition
  • Comfort
  • Firmness
  • Temperature
  • Mattress cover (if there is one)
  • Sizes
  • Price
  • Delivery & trial

This allows you to jump to the parts of the article that are important to you and skip anything that you don’t need to know. 😍

However, we highly recommend reading the entire article in case there are any topics you may not have already considered.

We also provide videos and our own images of the mattress throughout the article so you can see how the mattress looks in its true form, without the influence of studio lights and photoshop. 📸

Measuring DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress

DreamCloud mattress material close up

You can get a close-up view of the mattress cover, the depth, and general appearance. 🔎

At the end of the article, our rating tool gives you our final assessment of the mattress and what it does/doesn’t do best.

What else do we test and review?

It’s not just mattress reviews that undergo such thorough testing.

We’ve tried and tested a bunch of other sleep products.

Our favourites include:

We test these sleep accessories in a similar process to mattresses to ensure they are up to scratch. 👀

Take a look at our favourite sleep accessories we’ve tested and reviewed below!

How to understand mattress reviews

We’ve taken you through everything you need to know about our mattress review process.

People on laptops

But how about other online mattress reviews? 👇

How to determine whether a mattress review is genuine

It’s not easy deciphering whether a mattress review is genuine, whether the product has been tested, or whether the site is just after a sale.

But we do have a few tips that might be useful.

Look out for the following:

  • Has the product been fully tested?
  • Are their claims backed up by data or is it just one singular opinion?
  • Do they discuss the disadvantages of the product?
  • Do they answer all of your concerns/questions?
  • Do they provide alternatives, or are they just focused on one product brand?

Most mattress review sites like ours will receive a small commission when you buy a product by clicking through their site. 💰

This doesn’t affect the cost to you, and we aren’t required to give any product a positive review.

However, some mattress reviews are written by brand sites who will encourage you to buy their own products.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but it can be biased and prevent you from looking into alternatives that may be more suitable.

What are awards for mattresses?

It’s easy to get enticed by a mattress with a bright shiny award sticker or trophy. 🏆

But how are these awards determined, and what do they mean?

We’ll go through some of the most popular mattress awards below. 👇

Which? Best Buy

Which? is the UK's largest consumer association, and they test thousands of products alongside mattresses, including car seats, washing machines and smartphones.📱

These products are thoroughly tested in laboratories where the mattresses are bashed and rolled over with advanced machinery. 🔬

They’re independent and 100% impartial and purchase the products they test, so you can rely on the fact that their awards will be completely unbiased.

As well as their “Best Buy” award, Which? Also have a “Don’t Buy” tag for products you should avoid. ❌

You also have to pay a monthly subscription to get a more detailed look at their reports.

Product of the Year

Product of the Year is the UK’s largest survey for products and has been running for 18 years. 😮

For a mattress to be eligible for Product of the Year, it must be entered in the competition and have launched within the year.

Journalists and industry experts will first assess the product to see if it meets the required standards.

If the product is selected, it will go through to the vote, where over 10,000 shoppers will decide a winner. 👑

Good Housekeeping Awards

Good Housekeeping has tested home products for almost 100 years. 😱

Their awards include Good Housekeeping Institute, Good Housekeeping Getting Greener, etc.

They have an 18,000-square-foot testing facility and a team of engineers, scientists, data analysts and researchers who thoroughly test contending products. 🥼

They also send out items to select readers to see how well a product performs with various consumers.

Other independent journalist awards include T3, Mattress Guide, Wired, Expert Reviews, The Independent, and Ideal Homes.

Mattress awards
There are many different types of mattress awards available.

Each review site will have its own standards when it comes to distributing awards.

Mattress certifications

Mattress certifications work a little differently from awards. 🤔

They typically determine whether the products are good for you and the environment.

While most bed-in-a-box mattresses are not organic mattresses, many do pay attention to the quality of materials used. 🧵

Many foams, for example, carry the OEKO-TEX-Standard-100 certification.

OEKO-TEX certifications
Many brands are tested against harmful substances.

This certification guarantees that the foams are free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances. ⚗️

The UK also has strict safety requirements, and all mattresses need to be fire-retardant and comply with the BS 7177 regulation.

On that note, if you are interested in organic mattresses, then you could consider a natural latex mattress.

These are more expensive but are generally well worth the investment. 🤞

Mattress reviews: What should you consider?

So, what kind of things should you look out for when you read a mattress review?

When you buy a mattress, there are many different factors, from how it physically feels to what kind of conditions the brand offers.

We’ll break down the essential factors in a mattress review below. 👇


As we’re becoming more health-conscious, we’re also becoming more aware of what our products are made from. 🔎

Your mattress should be no different.

Organic mattresses graphic
It’s important to consider the materials your mattress is made from.

Consider the materials and whether they are safe and suitable for your lifestyle. 👌

Those who suffer from allergies will want to see if the review mentions whether the mattress is hypoallergenic.

Likewise, if you sleep warm, you’ll be better off with mattress reviews that mention natural fibres (which are much cooler!)


This is what you really want to know. 😅

How comfortable is the mattress? How well does it support you? Does it keep your spine well-aligned?

Mattress reviews discuss specifics such as:

  • Point elasticity & pressure distribution: A mattress with high point elasticity will compress when pressure is applied, while the rest of the mattress remains unaffected. This results in greater pressure distribution across the mattress. High point elasticity is the goal.
  • Pressure relief: Related to the above, this refers to how well the mattress allows pressure points to be relieved, resulting in overall muscle relaxation. You'll want a mattress with good pressure-relieving abilities.
  • Contour zones: Some mattresses have contour zones, particularly in the base layer, which allow some areas to provide more support while others allow for greater sinkage.

These specifics influence how comfortable a mattress is and how good it is for your body and spinal health.


The firmness of a mattress is influenced by the materials used in the mattress and the specific composition. 🧽

fluffy sheep comfort levels
The firmness level can create a soft and fluffy feel or a supportive and solid sleep.

You may find two mattresses with the same materials, yet the firmness levels are entirely different. ☁️🧸🧱

But what do you need?

  • Firmer mattresses: Typically a better option for heavier weight people and stomach sleepers.
  • Softer mattresses: Typically a better option for lighter weight people and side sleepers.

But of course, this isn’t a clear cut approach to deciding on your mattress.

Mattress firmness levels graphic
A mattress that is too soft or firm will create a bend in the spine.

Choosing the correct firmness for your sleep is imperative to help you get the correct spinal alignment and prevent you from waking up with lower back pain. 🤗

We rate each mattress according to our firmness scale, but other mattress reviews may do it a bit differently. ⚖️

You should also consider edge support, which refers to how firm the sides of the mattress are.

Man and woman sitting on edge of a mattress
A mattress with good edge support will be an ideal sitting station.

Sometimes, you'll find that a mattress is quite firm throughout but very soft at the edges, so you'll feel like you're rolling off the sides. 👎

If you like to use your mattress as a bench, look for a mattress review that discusses good edge support.


Some mattresses are more breathable than others 💨

Temperature regulation scale
Memory foam is not the most breathable choice.

Pocket sprung mattresses, for example, allow for much greater air circulation as the space between the springs creates natural ventilation channels. 🌬️

Memory foam mattresses, in contrast, tend to feel a bit more clammy as the foam retains heat.

Most quality mattresses combine different materials to improve airflow, thus allowing for greater breathability and keeping the mattress more temperature neutral. 🌡️

Motion isolation

This becomes important if you're sharing your bed with a partner. 👩‍❤️‍👨

If a mattress isolates motion well, that is, if it has low motion transfer, you won't feel movement carried across the mattress.

So, you can sleep easily, even if your partner tosses and turns. 🤹

Motion transfer graphic
A low motion transfer mattress is great for couples and restless sleepers.

If you’re typically a restless sleeper, a low motion transfer mattress can help to keep you still throughout the night.

High motion transfer mattresses are often coil-sprung and create a bouncy and springy feeling–similar to the mattress you might remember having as a kid.

Low motion transfer mattresses tend to be memory foam, pocket springs, and latex. 🌱


Of course, you want to know whether the mattress is within your budget. 💰

Price performance ratio graphic
Evaluate your maximum budget with the quality of the mattress.

Most online mattress brands offer regular discounts and promotions to help you save £££ when buying a new mattress. 🏷️

We link to all of them, but you can always check out our discounts page for more.

Many online mattress brands also offer bundle deals, where you can get your mattress with free gifts, such as bed frames, duvets, sheets, and more.

Sometimes a mattress may seem expensive, but it's excellent value for money when looking at the composition, guarantee, and other factors.

For example:

  • A £650 mattress may seem like a good deal, but what if it only comes with a 2-year guarantee?
  • That works out that you’ll be paying £325 per year for a cheap mattress.
  • However, a premium mattress that costs £1000 but comes with a 10-year warranty will only cost you £100 per year in the long term.

It’s important to consider your budget, the quality you’re looking for, and how long the mattress is likely to last. ⏳

This will help you decide if a mattress is of good value.


Size might not seem like a huge concern–particularly if you already know what size you need.

However, some brands offer unusual sizes or EU sizes that are slightly longer than the UK standard.

UK sizes include single, small double, double, king size and super king—but that doesn’t mean every UK mattress will come in these sizes. 🤔

UK mattress sizes

Make sure you check your size before ordering–as you may not be entitled to a refund. 😱

If you’re upgrading to a bigger size, you should check entryways and stairwells to make sure it will fit (many customers find their mattress will fit in the room but not up the stairs!)

If you measure up and space is tight, you could consider a bed-in-a-box mattress, which will fit through any door. 📦

We provide a size guide in our mattress reviews and let you know all of the available sizes.

Delivery process

Most online mattress brands offer free delivery within the UK 🇬🇧

You should also consider how to unpack your mattress, off-gassing, and whether or not the company offers an old mattress removal service.

It's also important to pay attention to the weight of a mattress. 🏋️

Two man delivery service
Consider if the mattress will be delivered to the room.

Sometimes, mattresses are very heavy, and you'd need help unpacking these!

Trials & guarantee

If you buy your mattress online from one of our recommended bed-in-a-box mattress brands, you'll benefit from a risk-free trial period and free returns. ✔️

Mattress review trial period
Many mattresses include a sleep trial.

This is necessary as you need to be able to test a mattress to see if it's right for you when buying online. 💻

A 100-night trial is standard, though many brands now offer much longer trial periods.

The Nectar Hybrid mattress comes with a 365-night trial and a Forever Warranty. ⏳

Other high-quality brands should offer a minimum of a 30-night sleep trial and a 7-year warranty.

Of course, the mattresses we recommend use high-quality materials and feature high-density foams or a high spring count for a long lifespan.

What type of mattress reviews are there?

We’ve mainly focused on mattress reviews that centre around one single product, but there are all kinds of mattress reviews to consider. 🤯

It really depends on what kind of questions you need to answer and whether you want to know more about a brand, retailer, type of mattress material, or a specific product.

Some mattress reviews are structured as a “list”, giving you various options to consider.

Some of our most popular list-based mattress reviews include:

And how about those mattress reviews that focus on materials?

Memory foam mattress reviews

Memory foam mattress reviews are amongst some of the bestselling brands. 🧽

Memory foam mattress composition
Memory foam mattresses combine soft and firmer foam layers.

That’s because many online bed-in-a-box brands use memory foam in their products.

Memory foam is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that originates from NASA technology. 🚀

pressing nectar memory foam

nectar memory foam imprint

nectar memory foam

This unique material moulds around the body and relieves pressure–making it the perfect ingredient for a mattress.

However, as memory foam retains heat, many memory foam mattresses can create a clammy and uncomfortable sleep.

We recommend looking at how the mattress responds to temperature when reading a memory foam mattress review. 🌡️

Pocket spring mattress reviews

Pocket spring mattress reviews recommend a more traditional mattress option. 📜

Pocket spring mattress graphic
Pocket spring mattresses are highly breathable.

Pocket springs are contained in separate pockets, providing individual support across the body’s surface.

It means you won’t get that bouncy and springy feel that you get in coil-sprung mattresses where all the springs are linked together.

Instead, you’ll experience a supportive feel and shouldn’t feel your partner moving around during the night.🧘

When looking at pocket spring mattress reviews, we recommend keeping an eye on the spring count.

pocket spring mattress spring count
A pocket spring mattress with 1000 springs or more provides ample support.

Generally, the higher the spring count, the more support you get in the mattress.

Latex mattress reviews

Latex mattress reviews aren’t as common, but they’re potentially one of the best mattress materials. 😍

latex mattress composition
Latex mattresses are designed with breathable airways.

However, they’re often expensive–so be prepared for a hefty price tag if you’re looking into a latex mattress. 💰

Latex mattresses are made from natural latex and sustainably sourced from rubber trees.🌴

Latex being harvested
Latex mattresses are 100% natural.

They also feel similar to memory foam but are naturally cooler, making them an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Latex mattresses are long-lasting and will likely last you up to 15 years, depending on the quality.

When looking at latex mattress reviews, keep an eye out for the material specifications. 🕵️‍♂️

Some latex mattresses are made from synthetic latex, derived from petroleum, or a synthetic and natural latex blend.

Hybrid mattress reviews

Hybrid mattress reviews are also a popular choice. 🥇

hybrid mattress composition
Hybrid mattresses have a layered structure.

Most bed-in-a-box mattresses combine different materials to make one perfect mattress.

Typically this is a spring mattress with a memory foam layer or other comfort layer or pillow tops such as wool, cotton, or latex.

The pocket springs provide a supportive and stable structure, whilst a top layer of foam or wool offers soft and comfy cushioning support.

When reading a Hybrid mattress review, you should consider that it likely won’t be flippable. 🍳

As Hybrid mattresses have a layered structure, they’re usually only one-sided.

Is it better to look at mattress reviews or shop in-store?

What’s the difference between reading an online mattress review and visiting a shop? 🤔

Of course, we’re slightly biased to say that we think reading mattress reviews online is better.

However, there are benefits to both.

The table below gives you a breakdown of the pros and cons of each.👇

Reading mattress reviews online Speaking with a sales advisor in-store
  • Usually, the mattress has been thoroughly tested for several months.
  • You can look at many reviews on different sites to get multiple opinions.
  • You can take your time to decide, without the worry of pressure sales
  • Reviews can provide you with instant alternatives that are more suitable to your budget or lifestyle.
  • You can physically try out the mattress and feel the material.
  • Sales advisors often have decades of experience in selling and can offer advice not based on online trends
  • Good sales advisors will take your needs into account and make recommendations based on what you’ve discussed
  • You can’t physically feel or test the mattress–you have to rely on the reviewer’s word.
  • You have to trust that the review is genuine and unbiased
  • The salesperson may push you toward an expensive product.
  • You may be encouraged to buy add-ons and additional insurance (that you may not need!)

Some people like to shop in-store to support high street shops–which is fair enough.

But it’s always helpful to do some research first. 💭

If you read some mattress reviews before you visit a store, you’ll have narrowed down your options quite a bit, making the buying process easier.

If you come equipped with research, it’s also unlikely that you’ll find yourselves misled by a commission-hungry sales advisor.

Before you go…

I think we’ve covered everything you need to know when looking at online mattress reviews! 😅

But it’s probably about time you had a look at some yourself before you can get a great night’s sleep.

Why not get started and look at our Sleep Hero mattress reviews? 👇

Mattress reviews

Frequently asked questions

How long should a mattress last?

w long a mattress lasts depends on the mattress's quality and composition.

However, a decent mattress should last anywhere between 7 - 10 years.

Consider the materials in the mattress.

Innerspring mattresses last around 5 years, whilst latex mattresses can last as long as 15.

What is the top-rated mattress brand?

How a mattress affects your sleep is subjective, and everybody has different priorities when reviewing a mattress and its strengths.

Nectar and DreamCloud come on top when it comes to customer support and having the longest guarantees and sleep trials.

However, Simba and Emma are amongst the most popular in terms of sales.

You may also deliberate on the company's history, with Ergoflex being one of the longest-running bed-in-a-box brands.

Where can I buy a mattress online?

You can buy a mattress at many online retailers that offer great deals on mattresses.

These include:

These retailers may have their individual guarantees and trial periods, so always check this out before placing an order.

Try these:

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Nectar memory foam mattress
Nectar Price from £ 329 (£ 599 )

Get 45% off the Nectar, a luxurious memory foam mattress with a revolutionary 365-day trial period and lifetime guarantee.

Simba Hybrid
Simba Hybrid Mattress
Simba Price from £ 449 (£ 749 )

Get 40% off the Simba Hybrid, the bestselling hybrid pocket sprung foam mattress by Simba Sleep.

Current discounts:

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We have an affiliate relationship with some manufacturers, where we receive a commission on sales if you click over from our site. This does not affect the purchasing price. In contrast: By using our discount codes, you'll get the best deal possible.